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Hey There!

Listen. I get it. College is rough!

I'm Val, and I've been an academic coach for over three years. But it's more than that. I've lived it. From time management to organization to test taking and note taking, I was the captain of the SS Collegiate Struggle Ship!

And now, I'm creating a podcast so I can help YOU learn the habits, the art, of being a great student!

Poppy's Prep School is a once weekly podcast that covers all areas of student success. Join me as we talk about the art of being a great student!

PPS Episode 2: Balance

PPS Episode 2: Balance

Hello Hello!

How’s it going?

I mean it. How are you?

For so many students in the United States, I know May can be a month of chaos and panic, so I hope wherever you are today, that you’re doing well. And you know what? If you’re not doing so hot today, I hope to be a ray of sunshine in your otherwise cloudy day.

Things have been HAPPENING here at the Prep School HQ. Hopefully this week on the podcast, my audio is much better. That’s because I did some “arts and crafts” and I have created…drumroll please….

The Pod-Pod!

Because it’s a pod…for podcasting!

Whatever, I’m going to go with it! Anyways, I really hope that the audio quality is much better this week than it was last week. This is such a journey for me, and I’m so incredibly grateful for you coming along with me on this.

But I want to take some time to talk with you today about a topic that has been coming up a lot in my meetings with students. It’s not exclusive to schools and universities, but it does get thrown around a lot.

Are you ready to find out what it is?

It’s balance!

And, like the Devil and the scale, it’s a liar!

Seriously. I mean it. Balance is not real.

“But wait,” I can hear some of you saying “hold the phone, Poppy. What do you mean that ‘balance is not real’?” 

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of images circulating in your mind right now that help further prove your point that balance is very real and very attainable. Things like a Circ-du-Solei performer balanced on a 50-foot high pole, a tightrope walker or a ballerina perfectly balanced on her toes.

And maybe you’ve tried to balance on something as well. And if you have, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Because if you’ve ever tired balancing on something, be it a bosu-ball, balance beam, or slackline, then you know that there’s never a point where you’re 100% ok with where you’re at. You can never fully relax and be ok with your situation.

You are, in fact, making teeny-tiny little wobbles in order to maintain a state of appearing to balance.

So what do we do, then? Well, I hope you tune into today’s topic either on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play, and listen to today’s topic, because I’ve got loads of practical tips that you can implement today in order to see better results. (I’ve also got a couple of funny examples from my life recently!)

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Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’ve got a lot of good content coming out soon!

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Talk to you soon!


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PPS Episode 3: Lessons in Every Failure

PPS Episode 3: Lessons in Every Failure