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Hey There!

Listen. I get it. College is rough!

I'm Val, and I've been an academic coach for over three years. But it's more than that. I've lived it. From time management to organization to test taking and note taking, I was the captain of the SS Collegiate Struggle Ship!

And now, I'm creating a podcast so I can help YOU learn the habits, the art, of being a great student!

Poppy's Prep School is a once weekly podcast that covers all areas of student success. Join me as we talk about the art of being a great student!

PPS Episode 3: Lessons in Every Failure

PPS Episode 3: Lessons in Every Failure

Welcome back to another episode of Poppy's Prep School!

This week, we're talking all about failures, and how they can actually be a good thing.

This does NOT mean that we do not try, though!

It does mean that if we do fail at something, we have to step back, take a breather, and try to learn something from it.

I've got loads of real life examples, and plenty of good quotes from prominent figures

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PPS Episode 4: How to Focus

PPS Episode 4: How to Focus

PPS Episode 2: Balance

PPS Episode 2: Balance