Hey there

Hey There!

Listen. I get it. College is rough!

I'm Val, and I've been an academic coach for over three years. But it's more than that. I've lived it. From time management to organization to test taking and note taking, I was the captain of the SS Collegiate Struggle Ship!

And now, I'm creating a podcast so I can help YOU learn the habits, the art, of being a great student!

Poppy's Prep School is a once weekly podcast that covers all areas of student success. Join me as we talk about the art of being a great student!

PPS Episode 6: Summer Classes

PPS Episode 6: Summer Classes

Hello again!

We are well on our way into Summer, I hope you're staying cool out there (WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN, seriously!) and having a lot of fun!

I know most colleges right now are ramping up to their summer classes, and It's something I get a lot of questions about. So today, I wanted to go over a couple of things you should know before you decide to register for that Summer class.

This is a short(er) episode, but it is definitely worth a listen if you're considering a Summer class anytime soon!

PS: I'm not just saying this stuff, I'm actually taking a Summer class on Web Development and Coding, so this is all information that I use every day and still use while I'm taking my own Summer class!

PPS: Make sure to check out my Instagram (www.instagram.com/poppysprepschool) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/poppysprepschool) for pictures, inspiration and just seeing me being my most goofy and authentic self! See you there!

PPS Episode 5: Back to the Drawing Board

PPS Episode 5: Back to the Drawing Board